3 Things to do Before Calling the Post Office

  • Looking for a letter? Packaged hasn’t arrived? Before you call your local post office, try these 3 suggestions from a postal clerk.

  • 1. Check your mailbox

  • It sounds simple, right? But often customers are looking for items that have already been delivered.

    2. Have the tracking number ready

    Recheck your email, call your sister, search through your wallet, but have the tracking number ready. Item doesn’t have a tracking number? That means it cannot be tracked. By anyone.

    3. Ask yourself : Did the item I mailed have enough postage? Did I use the correct address? Is it possible the addressee moved?

    If either is the case, the letter will be returned to you or it will take longer to reach the intended destination.

    Using these tips will resolve most common issues. Happy mailing!


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