China’s new app: Digital Dictatorship?

By Hope Murphy

The most powerful leader of China’s Communist Party since Mao has revolutionized modern social control. President Jinping is using technology to promote his leadership and political ideology.

Last week, The New York Times reported on a new app sweeping China called Study Our Great Nation. It teaches citizens about their leader, and yes there is a test.

Users earn points for correct answers about the material they learn through the app, which consists of videos, speeches, and policies about Jinping. Over 100 million registered users compete for the highest score.

Scores are becoming a criterion for career advancement and academic status. Some students have reported being shamed for low scores. This has caused some users to create cheating tools. Cheaters and Los achievers are being punished by the Chinese government.

Sound familiar?

The Study Our Great Nation app is being compared to dictator Mao’s Little Red Book. Some citizens considering it patriotic, and others calling it a government overreach. But isn’t that what Communism is all about?

It’s surprising that China hasn’t collectively abandoned Communism altogether. If their tragic history hasn’t steered them clear of any ideology even scarcely resembling socialism, what will? More importantly, why are American Democrats pushing our country in the same direction?

Hidden beneath AOC’s Green New Deal (GND) lies the road to Communism. Although every aspiration in the plan is hilariously unachievable, AOC’s Communist dreams may not be as farfetched.

Polls over the years show political trends increasingly tilting in favor of socialism. In addition, social media sites like Twitter are moderating conservative speech.

Controlling speech within social media will inevitably spill onto every aspect of our personal, professional, and academic lives. Will our reliance on technology eventually lead America to have a little red book of an app to call it’s own?

Share your thoughts below.

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