Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar Aims to Win Back State From Republicans in 2020 Race

Amy KloBuchar is the latest to announce her candidacy in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Democrats can’t contain their excitement for the 2020 race for President. Klobuchar joins the ever-growing list of candidates becoming the 8th major contender and the 5th Democratic Senator. She is polling favorably in several counties who voted for Trump in 2016.

A three-term Senator, Klobuchar is known for reaching over party lines in bipartisan support. Senator Elizabeth Warren announces her candidacy the the day prior.

Much like the other Democrats in the race, Klobuchar isnt coming in without some baggage of her own. Reports began before her announcement that painted her in a less than favorable light. The HuffPost reported Klobuchar is struggling to get a campaign team together due to mistreating her staff.

No word on her stance with the New Green Deal.