Elizabeth Warren Officially Announces Run for Presidency: First Gig Without Claiming Native American Heritage?

Massachusetts Democratic Senator officially announces run for President in 2020. Is this her first job application void of claims ethnicity?

This comes nearly one week after Warren issued an apology for claiming Native America heritage for over three decades.

“I can’t go back.”

Warren has spent the last year trying to escape the controversy after she agreed to a DNA test proving she may have had Native American ancestry 6 – 10 generations ago. She claims that she did not advance her career or education from the claim, but documents that have recently surfaced suggest otherwise.

The Washington Post obtained Warren’s Texas registration card for the State Bar in 1986.

Clearly signed by Warren in blue ink, she claims Native American history. She has played this charade for nearly 33 years.

Warren was first listed in 1986 as a minority by the Association of American Law Schools, which coincidently was the first year AALS provided a list of minority professors. Her name was dropped off the list nearly a decade late.

In 1989, two years after working at the University of Pennsylvania Warren changed her ethnicity from white to Native American.Warren is also listed in Harvard’s federal affirmative action forms from 1995 to 2004.

In a twist of hypocrisy, Warren called for the resignation of Democratic Virginia Governor Ralph Northam after a photo recently surfaced of Northam wearing blackface in his college yearbook from 35 years prior.

Numerous politicians have called for his resignation, he has refused. The damage is done. He is now essentially a lame duck not even a year in his tenure. However, it brings to question, why isn’t Elizabeth Warren receiving the same backlash from colleagues? She masqueraded for 33 years as a minority as her career benefitted from it. Does this suggest there are varying degrees of racism? Had she checked the African-American box would she be announcing her 2020 candidacy?

Either way, it is unlikely she will easily escape the scrutiny of falsely claiming ethnicity as the election nears.

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